Saturday, June 18, 2011

National Elephant Conservation Centre & Deer Land

A trip to National Elephant Conservation Centre & Deer Land, 
Kuala Gandah Pahang.

This trip is a reward to those student that achieved good performance in their Ko-K activities.
We arrived there at 10.00 pm and at the same time some of other school also there. So happening... 

We're welcome with elephant bow... it's like their welcoming us. So cute!
Overall i think this place suitable for parents to bring their kids. They will excited to see elephant here and there...everywhere!

You can choose the activities that you wanted to do here.   
You can just walking around & see the elephant @ do some activities like feeding & bathing. But if you want to bath with elephant you have to wait until 2.00 pm

Extra info ---> click me

 Feeding time!

 Elephant Ride...

Museum of Elephants
We can get some information about elephants

Some of the view...

Deer Land situated near to N.E.C.C. It's 10 minutes journey.
Entrance fee : RM5.00

 Unique flora that we can found here
Forget to see exactly what is the name... (^_^)

We can also take pictures with snake without any extra charges
There's also bear photography session but during we're here the bear is not in the 'good mood' so the person in-charged don't allow us to take the picture.

My suggestion if you have an extra money and you loved this kind of activities you better go to Thailand.

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