Thursday, June 30, 2011

Majlis Persaraan PK KO-K

Penat sukan tahunan tak habis lagi... Dah ada kerja baru menyusul. Macam-macam event ada. Tomorrow is our 'Open Day'. Day for parents comes to take report card. Anyway there is no more report card. Just a piece of paper like exam result in university. Tiba-tiba melalut untuk event esok pulak. Supposely ni post untuk Majlis Persaraan hari ni. Actually macam-macam perkara jadi... Banyak yang haru biru... mana taknya persembahan yang sepatutnya satu je kena cari sampai tiga... Aduhai... Tapi Alhamdulillah ada juga insan-insan yang sudi membantu nak menolong mana yang patut. 
That's the teams spirit!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sukan Tahunan 2011

Today is our Sports Day! Some of the scenery today...

Venue : Stadium Mini Seri Permaisuri 
Time : 7.30 am - 1.30 pm
Task : Penjaga Lorong

Today is unsatisfied day. Mana taknya.... penjaga lorong 4 orang sahaja and we're seated (i guess this is a wrong word) actually we're standing like a statue in the middle every corner of the field without umbrella & chairs. And we need to be standing there almost 4 hours. Too much! Actually we should have post motem every event we held. At least there is no more statue next year... (^_^)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bulan ditutup awan

This morning my ears caught to this song... mama said "Ni old song lah..." but i love the music... & the way yuna's sing it back... Title of the song Bulan ditutup awan by Rokiah Wanda. Keep singing this song! Tajuk lagu memang mendalam.... Maybe maksudnya sedih kot... mcm bulan yg bersinar tp kena lindung dek awan....

janji setia sudah diucapkan
kata bersumpah telah kupadukan
engkau pergi jauh membawa diri
daku saorang dalam sunyi sepi

nun bulan ditutup awan
hati bertambah rawan

jikalau ku tahu janjimu palsu
tidak kuturut sedari dahulu

wahai janji setia sudah diucapkan
kata bersumpah telah kupadukan
engkau pergi jauh membawa diri
daku saorang dalam sunyi sepi

nun bulan ditutop awan
hati bertambah rawan

jikalau ku tahu janjimu palsu
tidak kuturut sedari dahulu

Sunday, June 19, 2011

'A' for A.b.a.h

Today is Father's Day. Abah is outstation and will be back this evening. 
We decide to celebrate Father's Day at home. 
Mama is baking your favorite banana cakes... (^_^)

Dear Abah,

No matter how old i am, i still want to be a daddy's girl. Thanks because you always took the time to listen and hear my hopes and dreams. 
I knew that i could always count on you. 
Thanks for always be with me no matter what bad choices 
i might have made.
Your lovingly and kindness repaired my broken spirit. 
You will always be special to me, and no matter where life takes me, 
i'll remember you with love.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

National Elephant Conservation Centre & Deer Land

A trip to National Elephant Conservation Centre & Deer Land, 
Kuala Gandah Pahang.

This trip is a reward to those student that achieved good performance in their Ko-K activities.
We arrived there at 10.00 pm and at the same time some of other school also there. So happening... 

We're welcome with elephant bow... it's like their welcoming us. So cute!
Overall i think this place suitable for parents to bring their kids. They will excited to see elephant here and there...everywhere!

You can choose the activities that you wanted to do here.   
You can just walking around & see the elephant @ do some activities like feeding & bathing. But if you want to bath with elephant you have to wait until 2.00 pm

Extra info ---> click me

 Feeding time!

 Elephant Ride...

Museum of Elephants
We can get some information about elephants

Some of the view...

Deer Land situated near to N.E.C.C. It's 10 minutes journey.
Entrance fee : RM5.00

 Unique flora that we can found here
Forget to see exactly what is the name... (^_^)

We can also take pictures with snake without any extra charges
There's also bear photography session but during we're here the bear is not in the 'good mood' so the person in-charged don't allow us to take the picture.

My suggestion if you have an extra money and you loved this kind of activities you better go to Thailand.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

28th Birthday Celebration

Pink themed on my 28th Birthday Celebration...
Today is our day ; Me, Sis, SN & FS

We had our lunch @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Lunch Menu


We fulfill our sweet-tooth @ Baskin Robbins


Satisfied face... So Good ~ ~ ~

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Pleasure

This's what i get for my 28th birthday. Did i manage to get all my wishlist? No la... adalah sikit. The best part was this year dapat celebrate birthday kat rumah. Home sweet home!

My wishlist --->click me
1.Marc Jacobs Amy Strap Watch 
     Esprit Watch            
2.Perfumes -Orange Hugo Boss 
     Given from my sista a.k.a miss laralia           
4.Skin Care                                                         
5.External Hard Disk in Pink                               
6.Shawl from Arzu  --->Shawl given from SN                                            
7. Manicure / Pedicure / Spa Treatment  
     Spa Treatment Appointment made by SN @ Tini's Spa  
8.Rainbow cake @ Cuppies ---> Cute Cuppies @ Delectable from 
9.Yummies Macaroon... Nyum3 
      Bought myself a dozen of macaroon @ Desert's Bar 
10. Ice cream  --->  2nd birthday celebration @ Baskin Robins
11.Chocolatier  ---> A gift from Abah 
12.Super Cool Birthday Party  
       Celebrating birthday @ The Gardens Cafe, MV
13.Chocolate Fondue with BFF
14.Handmade Birthday Card
       2 handmade card (from sista & student)
15.Torch Blackberry
16.Pink Mac book Air
17.Sony Cybershot ~ Any model as long as it's pink white
        Bought myself Sony Cybershot DSC-T20 @ eBay
18.LV Speedy Bag ~ customized with initial ok! ;)

My REAL birthday gift

A surprise cake on the mid-nite ---> birthday count down

 Handmade card from students 
 There's also a surprise birthday celebration made by one of the class i teach.
Tersangatla terkezut... I wonder how this hostel's student manage to get the chocolate cake for me. Sayang... coz there's no photo taken during this moment.

 Perfume & Handmade card from Sister 
Love this card so much! 
My sis manage to do it as perfect as my wishlist handmade card.

 A gift from Abah ---> Beryl's Chocolate & Dior mascara with miniature

 A card from Abah & Mama

 Brooch from student

 25pcs choc & blueberry tart from FS
it's not pink but i still love it... especially when you bought at only RM133 (^_^)

3 cupcakes that cost you RM28... 
Luckily is so delicious!

Birthday celebration @ The Gardens, Mid Valley ~ Pink Theme

28th Birthday Celebration @ Baskin Robins

Can come out with new wishlist for next year birthday... haha
Terlebih sudah!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Missing in May...

I've been missing for a month... TERLALU banyak kerja... 
i manage to spend a time playing this two games ---> Market Street & Sorority Life
some kind of therapy for me to put a way all the school matters.
Being as a teacher is not easy nowadays 
You're more than a teacher. You're doctor, you're counselor, you're cleaner, you're couch, you're etc. 
I believed this is also mum's task...

Let me show you this :

This is my table in school look a like....


incoming task are waiting!


Need a personal assistant to help me out. Anyone interested? (^_^)