Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Pleasure

This's what i get for my 28th birthday. Did i manage to get all my wishlist? No la... adalah sikit. The best part was this year dapat celebrate birthday kat rumah. Home sweet home!

My wishlist --->click me
1.Marc Jacobs Amy Strap Watch 
     Esprit Watch            
2.Perfumes -Orange Hugo Boss 
     Given from my sista a.k.a miss laralia           
4.Skin Care                                                         
5.External Hard Disk in Pink                               
6.Shawl from Arzu  --->Shawl given from SN                                            
7. Manicure / Pedicure / Spa Treatment  
     Spa Treatment Appointment made by SN @ Tini's Spa  
8.Rainbow cake @ Cuppies ---> Cute Cuppies @ Delectable from 
9.Yummies Macaroon... Nyum3 
      Bought myself a dozen of macaroon @ Desert's Bar 
10. Ice cream  --->  2nd birthday celebration @ Baskin Robins
11.Chocolatier  ---> A gift from Abah 
12.Super Cool Birthday Party  
       Celebrating birthday @ The Gardens Cafe, MV
13.Chocolate Fondue with BFF
14.Handmade Birthday Card
       2 handmade card (from sista & student)
15.Torch Blackberry
16.Pink Mac book Air
17.Sony Cybershot ~ Any model as long as it's pink white
        Bought myself Sony Cybershot DSC-T20 @ eBay
18.LV Speedy Bag ~ customized with initial ok! ;)

My REAL birthday gift

A surprise cake on the mid-nite ---> birthday count down

 Handmade card from students 
 There's also a surprise birthday celebration made by one of the class i teach.
Tersangatla terkezut... I wonder how this hostel's student manage to get the chocolate cake for me. Sayang... coz there's no photo taken during this moment.

 Perfume & Handmade card from Sister 
Love this card so much! 
My sis manage to do it as perfect as my wishlist handmade card.

 A gift from Abah ---> Beryl's Chocolate & Dior mascara with miniature

 A card from Abah & Mama

 Brooch from student

 25pcs choc & blueberry tart from FS
it's not pink but i still love it... especially when you bought at only RM133 (^_^)

3 cupcakes that cost you RM28... 
Luckily is so delicious!

Birthday celebration @ The Gardens, Mid Valley ~ Pink Theme

28th Birthday Celebration @ Baskin Robins

Can come out with new wishlist for next year birthday... haha
Terlebih sudah!

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