Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Cuti sehari hooray!!!
Even though i need to go to school but at least not for the whole day...
After netball training in the morning then i still can go shopping at Jusco... :)

Kak Happy (Unique name is it.. love it!) Mazlin & Hazlin

26 March 2011 @ Dewan Bestari 

My Ketua Bidang a.k.a Kak Tun


because of this event we all get this reward...

it's a HOLIDAY!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vroooommmmm Ferrari!


 Can't see who's the driver
Manalah tau mamat handsome... (^__^)

Ferrari next to my car!

Friday, March 25, 2011

3 Days ~ Bengkel Jahitan

I've been busy this week with bengkel jahitan. Oho... new designer in the making... :) This bengkel is for non-option teacher of ERT. Here, we learn how to sew "lengan padanan rata". I don't know what is this actually because there is no ERT option in my school but i just layannnn when my KP ask me to attend this bengkel.  The best thing is making new friends & also meeting my old friend, Saras. What a small world!
Day 1 ~ 23 March 2011

 Making Pola. 
At first I can't get when the instructor keep saying pola... and pola... and pola...but it's actually a sample @ speciment. We need to make scraping work as our BBM (not Blackberry Messenger but Bahan Bantu Mengajar) ;p

 Everyone was so busy cutting their pola (sample)

My messy table!

Day 2 ~ 24 March 2011

Kak Ayu with Zul

'My Sewing Machines' which I don't know anything

Saras helping out with my kain... I'm totally zero on how to operate the sewing machine

Day 3 ~ 25 March 2011

 My final scrap work

 The Instructor taking photo of my scrap work

 Kak Nana's work. So nice & very ceria

 Other's scrap work

 Me & Kak Nana (SMK Cochrane). I'm the Cochranean!

 Me with Kak Nurul (SMK Desa Petaling) & Saras (SMK P Pudu) Tiring faces!

Snap! Snap!

Majlis Penutupan (Last word from Pn Norlina from Jabatan)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Wishlist for 28th Birthday!

My birthday is around the corner ~Tik Tok Tik Tok counting the days.This year i will turn up to 28. Such a huge number... Haha... Nevermind age is only a number. So, i should have 28 wishlist. YES! When you grow older you will have such a long wishlist according to your age. Such a wonderful feeling. (^___^)

1. Marc Jacobs Amy Strap Watch
2.Perfumes -Orange Hugo Boss

4.Skin Care

5.External Hard Disk in Pink

6.Shawl from Arzu

7. Manicure / Pedicure / Spa Treatment

8.Rainbow cake @ Cuppies

9.Yummies Macaroon... Nyum3

10. Ice cream 

11. Chocolatier

12.Super Cool Birthday Party

13.Chocolate Fondue with BFF

14.Handmade Birthday Card

15. Torch Blackberry

16.Pink Mac book Air

17.Sony Cybershot ~ Any model as long as it's pink
18.LV Speedy Bag ~ customized with initial ok! ;)

Tadaa..... It's for me!

It's already 18 wishlist... I think it's enough. What else i want? Another 10 wishlist i will decide later @ keep it in my heart.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy January!

First Activity for my class... 1 IKHLAS

Birthday Celebration
Some of us not celebrate their birthday. Not even once. 
So I just want the kids to experience this!
I ask the student's before "Pernah sambut hari jadi tak?" 
Most of them answered "Tak..."
I just feel pity of them because i'm celebrating my birthday every year. 

Where's the birthday boy?

 Shy birthday boy....Happy kids!

I think this cake is too small for the class of 33-students

5 layer cake

I just so surprised that the kids eat all the cake including the red word 'Happy January'. 
I & a few of the girls even not tasted the cake .
The boys so excited... Maybe this is the first time they having birthday celebration.

Favor for answering Questionnaires!

Ingat pergi kenduri kawen je dapat favor? NO NO..
Jawab Questionnaires pun dapat OK!

D.I.Y Process

 Almost Done!


Lepas siap tanda questionnaires boleh makan... Nyum3
Bagi favor ni, at least orang excited nak jawab soalan yang bersusun tu.