Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy January!

First Activity for my class... 1 IKHLAS

Birthday Celebration
Some of us not celebrate their birthday. Not even once. 
So I just want the kids to experience this!
I ask the student's before "Pernah sambut hari jadi tak?" 
Most of them answered "Tak..."
I just feel pity of them because i'm celebrating my birthday every year. 

Where's the birthday boy?

 Shy birthday boy....Happy kids!

I think this cake is too small for the class of 33-students

5 layer cake

I just so surprised that the kids eat all the cake including the red word 'Happy January'. 
I & a few of the girls even not tasted the cake .
The boys so excited... Maybe this is the first time they having birthday celebration.

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Laralia said...

i want the cake too..
it looks nice to eat..