Friday, March 25, 2011

3 Days ~ Bengkel Jahitan

I've been busy this week with bengkel jahitan. Oho... new designer in the making... :) This bengkel is for non-option teacher of ERT. Here, we learn how to sew "lengan padanan rata". I don't know what is this actually because there is no ERT option in my school but i just layannnn when my KP ask me to attend this bengkel.  The best thing is making new friends & also meeting my old friend, Saras. What a small world!
Day 1 ~ 23 March 2011

 Making Pola. 
At first I can't get when the instructor keep saying pola... and pola... and pola...but it's actually a sample @ speciment. We need to make scraping work as our BBM (not Blackberry Messenger but Bahan Bantu Mengajar) ;p

 Everyone was so busy cutting their pola (sample)

My messy table!

Day 2 ~ 24 March 2011

Kak Ayu with Zul

'My Sewing Machines' which I don't know anything

Saras helping out with my kain... I'm totally zero on how to operate the sewing machine

Day 3 ~ 25 March 2011

 My final scrap work

 The Instructor taking photo of my scrap work

 Kak Nana's work. So nice & very ceria

 Other's scrap work

 Me & Kak Nana (SMK Cochrane). I'm the Cochranean!

 Me with Kak Nurul (SMK Desa Petaling) & Saras (SMK P Pudu) Tiring faces!

Snap! Snap!

Majlis Penutupan (Last word from Pn Norlina from Jabatan)

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